Monday, December 30, 2013

Carter - Richmond, VA

Name: Carter
Date of Birth and/or Age: 2.5 years old
Current Location: Richmond, VA
Breeder (if known):
Brief Bio:
Carter is a 2.5 year old, neutered, 110-pound male Shiloh Shepherd. He is a black/brown, plush coat. Carter was brought to one of our members by his owner on November 16, 2013. The family that owned Carter bought him as a puppy from a Shiloh Shepherd breeder. They decided to rehome Carter as their circumstances had changed.
Brief Summary of the Situation:
The husband was starting a new business and was away from home weekdays. He and his wife have a one-year old daughter and another, older dog. They were moving into a condo and didn’t feel that a condo could provide the adequate outdoor, yard space for Carter. Additionally, the wife had decided that taking care of a one-year old child and two dogs alone during the week was an overwhelming task.
Carter was described to us as a well trained dog who got along well with family members and the other dog in the home. With people he didn’t know and who showed fear he tended to be wary even once nipping a person.  He did not break the skin. 
Over that last six weeks in our home Carter has been a total gentleman, totally house broken, extremely intelligent, absolutely accepting of instructions and no threat to strangers. During the six-week period Carter has met construction workers, all of our children and grandchildren, guests, etc. He has never shown aggression only attempts for a friendly pat or a scratch behind his ears.
My family includes multiple dogs and grandchildren. We frequently sit for the family dogs when my children and their children go out of town. On December 29th my son came to my house with his dog, Chloe, whom Carter had met once before. We were going to baby sit Chloe for three days. Carter immediately showed aggression toward Chloe to the point of actually biting her with no provocation.

After having Carter for six weeks our observations are as follows:
  • He looks for and responds to leadership;
  • His behavior toward humans is friendly;
  • His behavior with other dogs is unpredictable and possibly dangerous; and
  • He should be in a home where the humans show firm leadership and control.
We think Carter would do best in a one-dog family with a childless couple or children at least 4 years old. Carter’s behavior in my home has been perfect with the exception of interacting with other dogs. Leadership should be firm and confident. Although not crate trained (yet), we have felt confident in giving Carter the “run-of-the-house” whenever we need to go out. He’s never let me down, i. e., he’s never shown any type of destructive behavior or behaviors associated with separation anxiety. Like all dogs for their safety, Carter should have a fenced yard.
Please consider adopting Carter if you can provide the proper home and leadership - He is a wonder Shiloh who needs lots of leadership and love!

The adopting of this dog is directly through the present owner, we are posting this as a courtesy.
Please contact Diane McClure at 540-290-9039 and and put "Carter" in the subject line.

Carter has been adopted