Thursday, July 30, 2020

Paxi :New York State

Name: Paxi
Date of Birth and/or Age: 5yo
Current Location: Norwich NY

Brief Summary of the Situation:

Paxi is almost 5years old. She is spayed and is up to date on her vaccines. She is being rehomed because she does not get along with another female dog in the home. You must be able to pick her up in person. She suffers from some anxiety and we will not traumatize her with a commercial transport method. She needs a quiet home where someone is usually there....either works from home or is retired. She has a facial issue, called wry bite. Her teeth and upper muzzle are very out of whack......her owner says it doesn’t interfere with her ability to eat. She is a very sweet girl and needs a calm quiet home where she can relax. Older kids are ok.....she loves them and loves to play, just no babies or toddlers. Ideally no other dogs or cats, though she may accept a large male dog. She has not lived with definitely no cats.  

She will come with her slow feed dish, soft crate, stuffed beaver and a blanket. 

If you are interested in adopting adorable and sweet Paxi, please fill out our adoption application.


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Shiloh :Washington State

Name: Shiloh
Date of Birth and/or Age: 1/2015 - 5.5 yrs
Current Location: Port Angeles WA

Brief Summary of the Situation:
Shiloh was born January 2015. She is Washington state. Must be within driving distance of her current home in Port Angeles, WA.

She prefers women, and is loving and protective of children. Suspicious of men. Does not do well with small animals (such as chickens, etc). She does not like car rides, and tends to get car sick even with medication from the vet. She is an energetic dog who loves to run. It sounds like she may have some separation issues when alone in the house, so a human who is home a lot would be ideal. She also gets along well with other dogs.

If interested please contact Jessica Strauss at
If she feels you may be a match, she will forward you to her people.

Feel free to share! Would love her to find the right home.

7/28/2020 Shiloh has found her new forever home