Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tika :Washington

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Name: Tika (f)
Date of Birth and/or Age: 10yrs
Current Location: Lakewood, Washington

Brief Summary of the Situation:

Tika is still in need of a home. Ideally someone who would love to spend a lot of time with her and help her live out her remaining years. Tika (sable) and Tazer (white) were attempted to be rehomed together but it didn't work out, so please share with everyone you know that an aged, special needs female needs a loving home.

Tika was too nervous being in a larger pack. It seems that Tika would do best with someone who is retired, works from home or is home much of the time and with no other dogs or possibly one other dog (male or very submissive female). Tika was raised with cats, but will chase them if they run. Tika is super sweet, super intelligent and in great condition. She is playful and athletic for an aged female. Her owners will be leaving the country in November, 2018 and would like to find a home for her before they leave. Tika is 10 years old. She is on Pancreatin for EPI and the cost is $29 a month for the enzyme and needs daily eye drops. As you can see by the photos, Tika does quite well and is very filled out. Her rabies shots are current. She loves people (and children and babies included), although will will bark at strangers. If you are interested in adopting Tika, please let us know. Her owner lives in Lakewood, Washington.

Contact LKRUNNER @ (without spaces) and I will contact you within a few hours. I am Tika's breeder and helping the owner find a home for her.

as of 9/30/2018 Tika is still available.
10/18/2018 Tika was placed in trial home and on vet visit was diagnosed with advanced Lymphoma; will be PTS

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tika & Tazer :Washington

Name: Tika (F) & Tazer (M)
Date of Birth and/or Age: Tika 10yrs & Tazer 8yrs
Current Location: Lakewood, Washington

Brief Summary of the Situation:

Tika and Tazer are two older Shilohs in need of a home. Tika is 10 and Tazer will be turning 8 in October. They have lived in the same home since Tazer was 2 months old and it would be wonderful if they could stay together, but not mandatory as they both need good and loving homes. Tika is on Pancreatin and the cost is $29 a month according to her owner. They both live in Lakewood, Washington and their owners will be leaving the country in November and would like to find homes for Tika and Tazer prior to their leaving.

Here is what their owner has to say about them: "Tika is totally food motived. She will eat as much as you give her, so you just need to limit her food intake. Tazer is totally self-regulating. Many times he will only eat one meal for the day, especially if the weather is too hot. Tazer just wants to be told that he is a good boy. He loves attention. Their rabies shots are current. The dogs love people (and children and babies included), although Tika will bark at strangers (she is very intimidating). Tazer, on the other hand wants to be friends with everybody.

The dogs are both good with cats. They spend most of their time outside. They only come in when I want to show them off to visitors. They are both housebroken. They will lie down on command but I have not worked on "stay". They are very good with other dogs but Tika is an alpha bitch an will not do well with another alpha bitch. They typically love other dogs of any size. Neither of the dogs have ever bitten anyone. You can even reach into their mouths to remove something you don't want them to swallow. Tazer does not like to come inside because we have hardwood flooring. He prefers carpet for traction. Tika needs to be watched closely when she is inside. She will counter surf in the kitchen for food. They are both very healthy Shiloh Shepherds and if someone can see to adopting them as a pair, it would be an incredible blessing to both Tika and Tazer!

more information:

10/1/2018 Tazer has been adopted. Tika is still available. Updated information to be posted on 10/11/2018