Monday, November 11, 2019

Zowie :Maryland

Name: Zowie
Date of Birth and/or Age: 15 months (spayed)
Current Location: Maryland

Brief Summary of the Situation:

Zowie is a beautiful one-year and 3 month old spayed female available to an appropriate home that can love her, work with her and her high energy and play drive. She is up to date on all vaccines. We were told she is a Shiloh, but cannot verify that. She is a beautiful stable smooth coat.

Background: We are told that Zowie was on born on 8/2/18 by a “Amish farmer.”  She is one year and 3 months old with stabilized EPI – Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. She is on a strict diet of Royal Canine Gastrointestinal High Energy Canned and Dry dog food, and their treats.  She is ready to convert to a regular non grain food like Taste of the Wild. She has two meals a day with special enzymes, Vitamin B12 and Slippery Elm.  Further discussion with potential owners in great detail will be provided.

Issue:  Our home has two older Shilohs and an older pit bull.  The original owner said she did not get along with small dogs.  She gets along with our dogs outside most of the time. She has growled and tried to start fights with our older girls on occasion and has started a short fight with our eldest Shiloh. We felt she was socialized with our pit bull outside. In the house, on both visits/attempts upstairs, she attacked the pit bull.  No harm was done - we move quickly! 

Resolution:  For the health and safety of all involved, I believe it is time to move this high energy Shiloh into the RIGHT home. The ideal situation is no other animals – period and no small children. she loves to play ball. You must be prepared to take her on walks, work on her training (pretty good level for a 1 year old), run around the yard, feed her on schedule 2x day (with only the proper food and additives – no snacks for her, and recommended treats). She is a beautiful, loving, playful dog with lots of play drive!  Also very smart and crate trained!


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Kyiah :Washington State

Name: Kyiah
Date of Birth and/or Age: 2/18/2011, 8yrs
Current Location: Rathdrum, Idaho
Breeder (if known): Kindred Spirit Shilohs

Brief Summary of the Situation:

Almost 8yrs old Meet Kyiah! Due to no fault of her own, Kyiah is in need of rehoming. Kyiah’s owner passed away suddenly and other family members were not in a position to properly care for her. She is a very sweet, talkative and obedient dog who has an excellent recall. She is not a large Shiloh but is both very agile and athletic. Most people who meet her think that she is a puppy and in no way does she act like a 7 year-old dog. She likes her quiet time but is no couch potato. Kyiah will do best in a home where she can get some exercise and will be taken on daily walks. This girl would appreciate a home on property or at least with a large yard. In our foster care, she has enjoyed the company of our 4 year-old male. They run and play hard and though he outweighs her by 30 pounds she is a good match for him. She was clearly cared for and taught the important commands and she is smart and willing to learn new ones.

Kyiah has a very strong prey-drive and should not go to a home with cats or other uncaged small animals. She is good with children and though she barks when someone comes to the door, she settles down quickly and is friendly to strangers. She can be reactive to other dogs on walks but generally once she meets them is friendly. She is sound sensitive and sometimes will bark at the sound of other dogs in proximity but we have had success working with her to lessen this tendency. She just needs calm, confident reassurance and she settles down fairly quickly.  Kyiah has exhibited some non-destructive separation anxiety. She can be anxious and howls when left alone.  We think this is a result of her separation from her former family and because of their illness, she may have had periods when she was left alone for long periods. We have been helping her with this and have seen much improvement in this behavior. She is crate-trained and likes a crate, choosing to spend time in it with an open door at various times during the day.  She is currently up-to-date on vaccinations and completely healthy as far as we know. All past vet records for her are available. Kyiah is currently residing in Washington State.

If interested, please fill out our adoption application. Must pick up in Washington State.

11/1/2019 adopted!