Thursday, February 21, 2019

Trinity :New York

Name: Trinity
Date of Birth and/or Age: 7mos
Current Location: New York

Brief Summary of the Situation:

“Trinity” is considered special needs due to Hip Dysplasia (see X-ray in photos).

Trinity is a 7 month old female Shiloh Shepherd-Loasian mix puppy (not spayed) who is in need of a new home.

Trinity is extremely loyal, super smart, very loving, sassy and sweet. She has personality and spunk, but is on her way to successfully being trained if continued on this path. She’s crate trained, walks well on a leash, outdoors potty trained, returns on command or whistled for. She’s a good girl and knows how to sit, place and stay.  Trinity also knows hand commands as well as takes verbal commands, gives paw, plays fetch, loves her belly rubbed and in general lives to please you.

As with big puppies, Trinity can be a handful at times. She needs a home with a firm hand and someone who will be the alpha otherwise she will take lead. Trinity should preferably be in a single dog home, preferably without children.  She currently is in a three dog home, however, unless you are prepared to monitor and consistently work with her as a puppy, she will resource guard. Not against humans, but she will resource guard you as her own and can get jealous over attention with other dogs.  Please note that Trinity has been professionally trained and is continuously trained on this, and as she is growing, is less assertive.

There are no issues with petting her while she eats or drinks, touching her food, even taking a bone from her, etc.

When out and about Trinity will be aggressive towards other dogs when she first meets them. She is always walked with a prong collar and there are no issues. She even comes shopping with me inside stores and is extremely well behaved. When walking outside, she will take cue on your behavior. If you are friendly, she will bark protectively and then be friendly with people if you tell her to be nice. For the most part, Trinity gets very excited to meet people and is a happy dog.

FYI- she is living with a blind toy female poodle and there are no issues at all.

As for rehoming, Trinity is an excellent dog. As she is a puppy, obviously she still need to learn a lot, but the foundation is all there. Quite frankly, I would not be looking to rehome her if I did not have to. Unfortunately she has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia by both vet and an orthopedic specialist. At this time, she does not have any issues running around, rough housing with other dogs, walking stairs, and absolutely loves to play outside. Trinity is currently not a candidate for surgery, and will not be so for another year or two according to the vets.

I do not have the ability to take care of Trinity because I am already dealing with a rescue Saint Bernard puppy who is in need of knee surgery (and his stomach being tacked) as well as a blind and diabetic toy poodle who has several issues too.  I am hoping that there is someone out there who has a big heart and lots of love for my girl. All she wants is to be is loved and hugged.

We are going to be very selective who this pup goes to. She got a bum start in life, but deserves nothing but the best. If you are interested in Trinity, or any of the other Shilohs in our Rescue~Rehome Program, please fill out this application to be considered. Thank you!

3/9/2019 no longer available; owner's have decided to keep her.