Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bear & Sugar Bear, Pennsylvania

Name: Bear & Sugar Bear
Age: Seniors

UPDATE: 1/8/2017 Both Bear & Sugar Bear have been adopted

Brief Summary of the Situation:
"These two beautiful German Shepherd Mixes were picked up together as strays in Louisiana but they do not have to be adopted together. We can only assume they belonged to the same family before they got lost. They are both available for adoption now. Sugar Bear is the fluffy female and she is about 9 years old and weighs 95 pounds. Bear is the sleek coated male and weighs 94 pounds. Bear has a slight limp but it doesn’t seem to bother him very much. They are both sweet dogs in need of a special family (families) to come and adopt them and give them a nice warm family home to play and relax in. Senior dogs always have a very special place in my heart. Please come out to the shelter and meet these beautiful shepherds. If you would like to be the lucky family to adopt one or both of them here is the link to the adoption application on our beautiful Sugar Bear and Bear" ~Desoto Animal Shelter, Grand Cane LA

12/7/2016 The ISSDC Rescue Committee has been actively talking with the Shelter the 2 seniors are being held at in Louisiana. Just a short update for now. We are excited to announce they will be leaving the Shelter tomorrow and will be staying in a temporary foster home while transport arrangements can be made to get them to La Mancha Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania in about a week. We are hopeful we can assist in helping find forever homes for them. If anyone is interested in helping with transport cost, heartworm treatment, fostering or adopting these sweet dogs, please contact La Mancha Animal Rescue directly at