Monday, April 2, 2012

SIGFRIED in Pennsylvania (Adopted)



2 AVAILABLE ADULTS in Pennsylvania. These 2 beauties come to us for rehome assistance due to the loss of their human Dad. He was a brave soldier in Viet Nam and sadly lost his battle with Cancer due to exposure to Agent Orange. Their human Mom is having a very difficult time in many ways and sadly she needs to find a loving forever home for her 2 fur-friends. 

Daisy May is a 3 year old beautiful sable Shiloh with one ear up and one ear down. She is adorable. She loves to play with other familiar dogs, can be a little shy but is a love-bug!!

Siegfreid aka Siggy is a 5 year old almost solid black with tan markings male. He loves balls and will play for hours. He also loves to kiss his family.

They are leash trained, behave well, know basic commands and love to go for a walk.They have never been around small dogs, and they chase cats that they do not know. We would love to keep them together if possible. We will consider seperate homes.  If you interested in adopting DaisyMae or Siggy, please fill out an application at