Thursday, July 22, 2021

Rex :Central Florida

Name: Rex aka Sexy
Date of Birth and/or Age: 6yrs old, neutered
Current Location: Central Florida
Breed: Long-Haired GSD

Brief Summary of the Situation:
Until much earlier this year I was in my original home. Upon being diagnosed with perianal fistula's....I was relinquished to my veterinarian as my owner did not feel they could manage my care. I was placed in a rescue/doggy daycare in New England, where I remained for months until I was adopted by a very nice lady in the south.....But sadly my body score had dropped to a 1 out of 10 during that previous time in the kennel and after only about a week my new owner felt I needed more experienced management and some behavioral modification and training. At which time thanks to the ISSDC I found Summerwind. I was quickly transported to Central Florida and taken in where I was assessed by my new veterinarian and house mate Victoria Sara Piccone  
Now after a couple of months of management and new diet no while continuing on my medication I am thriving and almost 70 pounds!!
I do have degenerative joint disease in my hips so that is something my new family will need to know as well. I am comfortable and I move around freely now but my future will most likely involve management for my comfort as I age I.e. acupuncture, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory's. 

Uncle Warren Smiley has spent the time teaching me manners and how to live life happily for my new perspective owners❤️

Now for my ideal home:

Low to moderate exercise as to not put too much strain on my hips but normal pet family where I can enjoy playing with my toys, going for a walk or romping in my yard and lying by your feet in the evening💕

Due to being a larger boy, no small children. 

I do have some prey drive, so for everybody's sanity, no cats😻

In the right situation with experienced owners a multi pet household could be considered but due to my history it is felt that I deserve the time now to be King of a household And pampered as the only dog. 

I travel well and I'm crate trained but I prefer an owner that is not going to leave me all day as I want to be with you (However I am quiet in my crate while you are gone and I do not have separation anxiety)

I would love to stay close to Central Florida so that I may stay in touch with Summerwind as I have become quite fond of them💕
However aunt Joy and uncle Warren are traveling later in October to Philadelphia, So transport may be an option for the perfect situation for me. 

Experienced German Shepherd or Shiloh owner preferred and I will require regular grooming as I am a long hair boy but believe it or not I shed less than most short haired German shepherds with proper brushing and care. 

Please share me far and wide
And help me find my family I can grow old with…❤️

Yours truly...
Sexy Rexy🐾🐾❤️

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Updates: 9/29/2021

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Bruno :Pennsylvania

Name: Bruno
Date of Birth and/or Age: 8/27/2010, 10yrs 10mos
Current Location: Pennsylvania

Brief Summary of the Situation:

Bruno is a beautiful 10+ year old male Shiloh Shepherd. His owner sadly passed away a few weeks ago and has been cared for by family but they cannot keep him. He is UTD on his vaccines and has been neutered. We are waiting on lab results for heart worm and senior blood panel. He is approximately 125 pounds and experiencing hind end weakness so he needs a home with no stairs. He would do best in a home with no small pets, cats, young or very active children. He prefers women. He is shy at first, but immediately warmed up to everyone at the vets office. He will need to be introduced to new people slowly as he has some anxiety due to not being exposed to many people. He will need an experienced owner.  He does warm up quickly and once he trusts someone, he is a complete lovebug and will follow his person everywhere! He loves to go for car rides and loves to be outside in the yard so a fenced in back yard would be best.  He likes to go for short walks and loves to hang with his people. 

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